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Mold is considered a bio-contaminate that should, in most cases, be handled by a trained mold remediation professional. Indoor mold growth can mean serious property damage and potential health implications. There are strict mold remediation technical and safety protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of all parties involved. Mastertech Environmental provides the safest and most effective mold remediation services in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina and parts of North Carolina.

Mastertech Environmental has been featured on and trusted by HGTV & DIY Network for our mold remediation services. Our team is fully trained and certified with the proper insurance. We use advance tools and technologies with the safest techniques in order to ensure everyone’s safety and guarantee a efficient and effective mold remediation.

Every Mastertech Environmental mold remediation is backed by a 5-year, mold-free Warranty. It is our promise to you that the mold has been safely & effectively removed, and it will not return.

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Safest, Most Effective Mold Remediation South Carolina

We use an oxidative mold remediation method that harnesses oxidizing agents, surfactants and surface cleaners that target bio-contaminates found in our homes, schools and commercial buildings. The oxidative remediation process has been proven to be more effective at removing bio-contaminants than any other currently used remediation methods. Our process is more effective, AND it is also environmentally safe. We do not use powerful pesticides, and there are no dangerous residual chemicals or heavy metals left behind following the completion of the mold remediation. Because the process is safer and more effective, Mastertech’s professional mold remediation technicians are able to increase project safety and efficacy.

At Mastertech of Myrtle Beach, each mold technician is carefully trained according to our intensive training guidelines, and we maintain strict adherence to all mold remediation technical and safety protocols. Our top priorities are, and will always be, client safety and quality control.

Mold Remediation Process South Carolina:


Identifying The Source

Mold is most commonly a consequence of unaddressed moisture problems. Whether is it a water leak, excessive moisture that has been overlooked or untreated or poor ventilation, these conditions need to be properly addressed in order to prevent recurrence.


Containing The Problem

Mold spores that are carried in the air pose a risk of respiratory allergies and distress. Spores may also travel to, land on and root in previously unaffected areas, leaving you with a bigger problem. Containing the problem and preventing the risk of cross-contamination is vital to ensure a successful mold remediation. Mastertech has the equipment and training to assure proper containment during the clean-up process.


Cleaning And Disposal

Mold can be safely cleaned from most surfaces without the use of toxic agents. Mastertech technicians will make every effort to salvage as much building materials as possible; however, in some cases, contaminated building materials may be non-salvageable and will require safe removal and proper disposal. Our technicians are trained in the most advanced techniques for the safe and effective removal and disposal of mold-contaminated materials.


Our Method

Mastertech utilizes modern oxidative technology for mold remediation. This technology has transformed an industry that was once relying on hazardous abatement methods that were developed during the 1980’s. Biological organisms require a unique decontamination protocol designed specifically to remove and prevent its regrowth.

Mastertech Environmental is proud to offer quick, safe and effective mold remediation services to home and business owners throughout South Carolina. Our team is committed to getting the job done right the first time for our clients. We will never compromise our standards or our clients’ safety for any reason.

Have You Had?

  • Recurrent water leaks, burst pipes, HVAC leaks, a wet basement or a damp crawlspace?
  • Water stains on walls, floors or ceilings?
  • Discolorations on basement walls or other building materials?
  • Musty, moldy odors?
  • Mold symptoms that are only present in one property and not others?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you may have a mold problem that requires professional mold remediation.

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