Crawl Space Mold Remediation South Carolina

Crawl Space Mold Remediation South Carolina

Crawl spaces in South Carolina are one of the most common hot-spots for mold development. Crawl spaces tend to be especially susceptible to mold growth due to its vulnerability to moisture problems. With its porous building materials and potentially poor building envelope design with insufficient ventilation, moisture buildup eventually becomes inevitable. Without the proper moisture control precautions, the excess moisture build up can leave your crawl space vulnerable to potential mold development.

Mastertech Environmental’s crawl space mold remediation experts in South Carolina can determine if your crawl space has a mold problem, identify what caused the problem and develop a safe and effective crawl space mold remediation solution. The key component of our mold remediation solution will be prevention. Following a successful mold remediation, the necessary preventive measures must be put into place in order to prevent mold re-growth in your crawl space.

When it comes to mold, early detection can save you from serious property damage and costly repairs. Mastertech of Mytle Beach can help.

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What Causes Crawl Space Mold In South Carolina?

Where there is mold, there is an underlying moisture source that is sustaining its growth. Mold development in your crawl space is the direct result of moisture buildup. Unfortunately, crawl spaces are not always easily accessible for homeowners to conduct routine maintenance checks. Often times, homeowners are not even aware of mold development until the odors have permeated through to the main living space.

Here are some common moisture problems that can lead to crawl space mold:

  • Elevated relative humidity – 55% or higher
  • Undersized wall vents
  • Insufficient air circulation
  • Flooding
  • Seepage
  • Leaks/backups
  • Dirt or sand floors- emit moisture/water vapors

South Carolina Crawl Space Mold Inspections

A thorough crawl space mold inspection in South Carolina, conducted by a trained and certified mold inspector, will determine if you have mold, how bad it is, what caused it, how to safely remove it and how to prevent its regrowth.

Visual Assessment – Your Mastertech Inspector will complete a comprehensive visual analysis of all areas of concerns to determine if there are any conditions that would cause and sustain mold growth. All mold inspections will be digitally documented, and you will have access to all the files for your records.

Moisture Mapping – During your crawl space mold inspection, your inspector will carefully map out the damp or wet areas of your crawl space to diagnose the water source and understand how many areas have been affected.

Moisture Meters – Moisture meters will determine the moisture content of building materials in your crawl space. Moisture locked within porous building materials, like foundation walls, can easily be overlooked for extended periods of time.

Thermal Imaging – Temperature difference between wet and dry materials will allow your inspector to identify all areas affected by moisture. By isolating all the wet areas of the crawl space, your inspector will be able to gain a further understanding of the mold growth pattern.

Crawl Space Mold Testing – Surface and/or air quality tests will provide scientific data that will confirm or deny the presence of mold. If mold is confirmed in your crawl space, the test results will help your inspector figure out the most appropriate course of action to resolve the mold issue.

Report of Findings – Your inspector will develop a clear, concise and easy to read report that outlines all his/her findings. If necessary, your inspector will present you with a detailed scope of work for a safe and effective crawl space mold remediation.

Mastertech’s Crawl Space Mold Remediation Process SC

At Mastertech Environmental our team has worked hard to develop a mold remediation process that guarantees the best results. Our team is fully licensed, certified and insured to provide mold remediation services throughout South Carolina. Each mold technician is carefully trained according to our intensive training guidelines, and we maintain strict adherence to all safety protocols. Our top priorities are, and will always be, client safety and quality control.


Our professional crawl space mold remediation technicians at Mastertech Environmental of Myrtle Beach will develop the safest and most efficient crawl space mold remediation solution, that is tailor-made for your individual mold remediation needs. Every Mastertech crawl space mold remediation is backed by a 5-year, mold-free warranty. It is our promise that the mold has been successfully removed through proper mold remediation and will not grow back. Our commitment to our high-quality standards is how we ensure our clients’ safety and that the job is done correctly.

If you detect signs of potential mold development in your South Carolina crawl space, call 843-236-3399 today to learn more about our mold remediation services. A member of our specially trained team will be happy to answer all your questions and set you up with an appointment with a licensed and certified crawl spaces mold inspector.

South Carolina Crawl Space Mold Remediation Service Areas

Our Team at Mastertech of Myrtle Beach provides crawl space mold remediation services throughout the following areas in the South Carolina and North Carolina.

Georgetown County SC, Horry County SC, Brunswick County NC

Mastertech of Myrtle Beach also provides the following mold remediation services: attic mold remediation in South Carolina and basement mold remediation South Carolina.

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