• Disclosing mold issues when selling your home?

    11 December 2019Mold Inspection

    Do I Have to Disclose Mold Issues When Selling My Home? If you are a homeowner in South Carolina selling a property, you may be wondering what information about a…

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  • Do I Have Health Issues from Mold?

    Indoor mold can cause health issues, which is why many people call a professional mold specialist when they see it in their homes. However, the seriousness of mold exposure depends…

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  • Remove Mold that Appears After a Hurricane

    Water Damage and Mold Growth After Storms Storms and heavy rain in the Myrtle Beach area are a regular occurrence each summer and fall. Atlantic Hurricane season runs June 1…

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  • Who Cleans Up After a Suicide or Homicide?

    11 July 2019Biohazard Cleanup

    What Happens After a Suicide or Homicide? What the news and procedural dramas don’t show is the cleanup after investigators or coroners have left. Who is left to cleanup the…

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  • Summertime Blues Over Summertime Mold? Here’s What to Do

    14 June 2019Mold Removal, Prevention

    Summer is Prime Time for Mold Growth Summer in South Carolina can provide ideal conditions for mold growth. It’s hot and humid, and rain usually makes an appearance once a…

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  • Humidity Levels and Mold Growth

    17 May 2019Mold Removal

    Humidity, Dew Points, and the Myrtle Beach Climate In order to understand the relationship between humidity levels and mold growth, we first need to understand that our South Carolina climate…

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  • Infrared Thermal Imaging for Mold and Moisture Detection

    MasterTech Environmental of Myrtle Beach uses thermal imaging to discover the places in your home where there is excessive moisture. This technology allows us to quickly discover areas with mold or prone to mold growth.

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  • MasterTech is Your Myrtle Beach Odor Removal Expert

    12 April 2019Odor Elimination

    Whether the odors are from smoking, pets, or even household pests like rodents, MasterTech is here to help. Our job is to return your home to its previous odor-free state so you can once again be happy in your house.

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  • South Carolina Mold Abatement Resolution Fights to Rid Public Buildings of Mold

    29 March 2019Mold Removal

    Recently, we discussed a mold outbreak at a Myrtle Beach elementary school and the public outcry over insufficient mold removal. The good news is that the public concern over indoor mold in public buildings led to actions by South Carolina lawmakers.

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  • Get Help with Hoarding Disorder and Hoarding Clean-Up

    15 March 2019Hoarding Cleanup

    Hoarding can also become a severe health hazard as hoarding may involve trash, food, uncleaned dishes, and even pets. In addition to health risks posed by bacteria, mold, and pests, injury from falling (especially with the elderly) is more likely. MasterTech Environmental of Myrtle Beach specializes in hoarding cleanup.

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  • Take Care of Odor Problems Before Putting Your House up for Sale

    1 March 2019Odor Elimination

    The Myrtle Beach area has a large and competitive real estate market. Using a professional service to take care of odors is the best way to make sure your property is competitive and not turning away possible buyers.

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  • We’re Proud to Join the Conway Chamber of Commerce

    24 February 2019Company News

    Our membership with the Conway Chamber of Commerce is a signal to customers that we care about our community and we value the commitment to the community from other Chamber members.

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  • Mold Outbreak at Horry County Schools’ St. James Elementary and How to Ensure Safe Mold Removal

    A mold outbreak and cleaning at one Horry County Schools elementary school lead to students feeling sick. Learn about the safest way to remove mold.

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  • How Long Does it Take for Mold to Appear?

    6 January 2019Uncategorized

    In South Carolina, high humidity, hurricanes, and flooding create perfect conditions for mold spores to go wild. Mold growth on a damp surface starts within 24-48 hours.

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  • Heavy Rain and Indoor Mold

    Heavy rain can cause water damage and mold if you have leaks or poor drainage. Take these steps to keep rain outside and away from your foundation.

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  • Beat Mold and Improve Indoor Air Quality for Your Family’s Health

    2 December 2018Maintenance Tips, Mold Removal, Safety Tips

    Poor Indoor Air Quality is a Serious Health Risk According to the World Health Organization, 4.3 million around the world die annually from illnesses and conditions related to exposure to…

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  • What Happens to Mold in Winter? Mold Removal and Cold Weather

    Cold Weather Won’t Permanently Fix Your Mold Problem The Myrtle Beach area is a hot and humid area for much of the year. Because mold thrives in climates like ours,…

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  • 4 Ways to Protect Your Home from Water Damage and Mold While You Travel

    2 November 2018Safety Tips

    Use these tips whenever you’ll be gone for more than a couple days to protect your home from mold and water damage. In the unfortunate event that excessive water enters your home, MasterTech is ready to help.

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  • Flood Clean-Up: When Professional Tools and Expertise Are Needed

    16 October 2018Flood Cleanup, Mold Remediation

    When Professional Tools and Expertise Are Needed The water damage to homes and businesses after Hurricane Florence has been some of the worst that Horry County has ever seen. But…

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  • Mold Clean-Up: DIY or Hire a Professional?

    9 September 2018Mold Remediation, Mold Removal

    Mold Clean-Up: DIY with Bleach or Professional Mold Remediation Mold growth in your home is never a pleasant surprise. You may have heard that a bleach and water solution will…

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