Summertime Blues Over Summertime Mold? Here’s What to Do

June 14, 2019 • Mold Removal, Prevention

Summertime mold in the summer

Summer is Prime Time for Mold Growth

Summer in South Carolina can provide ideal conditions for mold growth. It’s hot and humid, and rain usually makes an appearance once a day. We’ve talked before about humidity and mold growth and how a dehumidifier can help keep your indoor air comfortable and reduce the chances of mold growth. But it doesn’t take much for mold spores to grow in the summer. If spores find a warm, dark area, like a crack in siding or a window frame, they can take off in no time.

Stop It Before It Starts with Mold Prevention

You can minimize the chances of mold growing and spreading by being proactive. Mold prevention starts with controlling the conditions that help mold thrive. Here’s what to do:

Humidity Control: Mold loves moisture and warmth, so make sure ventilation fans in your kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas work as intended. Bathrooms tend to get steamy and hot, so always run the fan when it’s in use. Turn the stove hood fan on when cooking. If rooms feel humid and air stagnant, run ceiling fans or portable fans to increase air circulation. If things are still humid, use a portable dehumidifier to reduce indoor humidity.

Proper Drainage: Mold spores will thrive in standing water. Myrtle Beach is a flat area, so when water pools and stands in our yard or near our home, you’ll likely see grass die and mold and fungi take over. Keep mold away from your home’s siding by making sure all drainage from gutters, downspouts, and HVAC drainage pipes discharge water far enough from your house. If water is pooling right at your foundation, try extending pipes or regrading to make sure water moves and drains properly. Ideally, water should be 3 feet or further away from your home.

Check Crawlspaces: If you have a crawlspace, it’s worth getting down and investigating. Crawlspaces are humid, dark, and warm, which makes them perfect for mold. Make sure the area receives proper ventilation and that insulation is still in good shape. If you see signs of mold in your crawlspace, a mold removal specialist like MasterTech Environmental of Myrtle Beach is well equipped to remove crawlspace mold and take preventative measures against regrowth.

Check Storage: Soft goods like clothing and other fabrics stored in garages or attics can become home to mold and mildew in water or moisture is present. A helpful Saturday project may be to clean out storage areas and check items to make sure they are still mold-free.

Taking Care of Mold When You Find It

If you encounter indoor mold, take steps to remove mold spores and correct any of the conditions that promote mold growth (fixing leaks, decreasing humidity, etc).

For small areas on non-porous surfaces (counters, tubs, showers, etc), you can remove mold yourself with a simple bleach and water mix or a household cleaner. For larger areas or those on porous surfaces like walls, ceilings, or flooring, your best bet is to call MasterTech Environmental of Myrtle Beach. The difference in these areas is that mold spores are living inside the porous material, so surface cleaning is almost always ineffective.

MasterTech uses a combination of oxidizing agents and professional surface cleaners to treat these areas. In some cases, removing the affected areas is the fastest and most effective way to remove mold for good.

If you are unsure of whether you have a job that you can handle with a little cleaning or if you need some professional help, check out our Mold Clean-Up: DIY or Hire a Professional article or drop us a line.


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